A Lockheed Martin ∙ Injaz ∙ Tecgrant Joint Venture

Welcome to Exechon

Lockheed Martin, Tecgrant AB (formerly Exechon AB), a Sweden-based technology company and Abu Dhabi-based Injaz National have formed a new joint-venture in the United Arab Emirates focused on advanced machining technology. The joint venture, Exechon Enterprises L.L.C., will establish an engineering and manufacturing center of excellence for Parallel Kinematics Machining (PKM) in the aerospace, defense and automotive sectors, as well as other industrial areas.

Exechon Enterprises L.L.C. also will create an Application and Technology Development Center in collaboration with local industry and academia.

” The PKM technology is positioned to meet increasing demand for flexible manufacturing of components made with advanced materials, and the new joint venture introduces the new portable Xmini lightweight PKM system with the capability to automate a number of currently manual manufacturing processes” — Karl-Erik Neumann, CEO of Exechon Enterprises L.L.C. and inventor of the Tricept & Exechon PKM.