A Lockheed Martin ∙ Injaz ∙ Tecgrant Joint Venture

The XMini, a Paradigm Shift in Automated Aerospace Manufacturing

If you need a 5-axis machine tool with the capability of making 50 mm diameter holes in titanium, you probably end up with a 20 ton machine, sitting on a 3 meter foundation, but if you also need to;

then you have just written the specification of the new XMini, developed by Exechon Enterprises LLC, a Lockheed Martin-Injaz- Tecgrant Joint Venture, in cooperation with Airbus and Boeing.

The Exechon XMini is the first Machine Tool Robot in the world made out of carbon fiber, with a unique capability of high speed/low torque as well as low speed/high torque machining.

The XMini is also the first modular machine ever built, and it can literally be taken apart in 5 modules, each manageable by one or two persons.

It is equipped with a flexible frame system, XFrame, which can be adapted to any existing jig or fixture, through a unique Frame Integration Software, XFIS, allowing a factory to go from identifying a need, to push start of an XMini in 72 hours.

With XMini in stock, and the XFIS at hand, an aerospace company will have the ultimate manufacturing process at their fingertips, and this is not only a change in how to produce planes, but it’s a Paradigm Shift in Automated Aerospace Manufacturing.